Warranty on your Nobel or Straumann Implant

Implants rarely fail but if they do, it is important to know that Nobel and Straumann offer a Lifetime Warranty on any implant that fails to remain in the bone in which it is implanted.  They exchange the failed component we return to them with a new implant for replacement. The component itself is warranted for life.  What is not covered under the warranty is the surgeon’s planning time, surgery time, digital radiography, stents and anesthesia fees which are a separate cost from the implant component itself.

There are various reasons for an implant failure and if this happens Dr. Nagy will discuss options for you that will include replacement of the failed implant or another option that you and Dr. Nagy have decided is best for you.  Based on how you and Dr. Nagy decide to proceed a treatment plan will be coordinated at that time and fees discussed that are not covered under the warranty.

In order to give your implant the best possible chance at success you must remain diligent in maintaining your oral health with regular brushing and flossing throughout the healing period. Follow the post-surgical implant instructions given to you by our office on the day of your implant is placed.  Remember immediately after your implant is placed do not bite on anything hard at that site for three months.  Once the crown/or overdenture has been placed on your implant(s) by your dentist regular brushing and flossing remain an important part in the success of your implant.  Use non-waxed dental floss for around your implant and brush gently with a soft toothbrush around the tooth and gum line twice per day and follow the advice of your dentist and dental hygienist for continued flossing, rubber tip cleaning, brushing and recalls.

We will follow you and your implant for one year in our office after your implant has been placed. Maintaining a healthy mouth is the best way to guarantee longevity of your implant.   Please keep regular checkups with your dentist who would be the first to see if there is a problem arising, or if you feel at any time there is a problem with your implant we would be happy to see you.  We will see you at no charge for check appointments up to one year after your implant placement, after that there would be an recall fee charged if this is necessary.  Thank you for trusting us in providing the best care possible for you.

Please feel free to call us at any time if you have questions regarding your implant.